About Us

Affordable Private Charters From Exmouth - With Top Quality Service

Our passion is marine life! We believe in providing a personal touch to our charters to give you a tour to remember. Cape Immersion Tours are designed and operated by locals who have spent years enjoying the Ningaloo Reef and have first-hand secret knowledge of its magical sites and where its exciting inhabitabts live. We’re in the business of making your tour comfortable, low key and hassle-free.
Our goal at Cape Immersion Tours is to give you every opportunity to have in-water interactions with as many species of marine life as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our unique charters.

Our Vessel  


A beautifully designed and layed out tour vessel, Immersion is a one of kind charter vessel. 

Capable of achieving high speeds in comfort, Immersion is the vessel to get you to the sites of the Ningaloo in style whilst wasting little precious time in transit maximising your time at the stunning destinations we take pleasure in showing you.

9 metre purpose built Leisurecat 'Immersion"

With a maximum of 12 passengers you can enjoy a day on the water without getting lost in the crowd, or book the vessel for an affordable private charter.

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